You Have All the Answers! 
I can help you find them.
I’m a certified coach specializing in strategic intervention in the following categories:

*  Harnessing  Creative Energy
*  Breaking FREE of  Limiting Beliefs 
*  Discovering Your Feminine Energy
*  Balancing  Your Relationship With Masculine Energy
*  Banishing The Guilt / Shame Game
*  Discovering The Roadmap To Your Unique Mind/Body Connection
*  Learning How to Make Pain Your Ally
*  Healing Emotional Wounds 
*  Discovering The Keys To Sharing Your Unique Body/Mind With A Partner
*  Connecting With A Partner In Ways You Never Thought Possible
*  Discovering the Secrets of the Feminine Power of Transformation
*  Being Confident in Your Self-Worth
*  Learning How to Trust Yourself
*  Discovering How to Turn On Your Creative Energy (At Will)
*  Mastering  The Law Of Attraction (Starting With Your Own Body)
*  And Much More...
For Whom I Can Be Helpful
Susan / Coaching Client
AJ is highly intuitive and able to listen and provide feedback and support without judgment. Knowing there is support at any moment you need it is stellar to my type of belief and growth. - being shut out or on a schedule in such an intense mentally challenging environment turns me off – AJ’s technique is SPOT ON!

Coaching Packages With AJ
Available in person or over the phone.
  •  Free Consultation
  •  1 recorded session
  •  1 strategic plan
  •  30 minute follow-up call
  •  Free Consultation
  • 5 sessions plus one FREE
  •  1 hour discovery call
  •  6 recorded sessions
  •  Strategic plans and implementation guidance
  •  1 hour follow-up call
  •  Free Consultation
  •  1 hour discovery call
  •  By invitation only
  •  Only 2 spots available per month.
  •  Strategic plans and implementation guidance
  •  Up to 3 recorded sessions/week
  •  Text and email availability for 30 days Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
  •  1 hour follow-up call
Be the Powerful Creator You Were Born to Be!
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