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"One cannot teach unless they have experienced the lessons firsthand." -You & I, Inc.
Empower. Love. Grow.
I help women across the globe discover the feminine power of transformation
"When a woman's spirit has been wounded by painful life experiences the result can many times lead to limiting beliefs and circumstances, suppressing her ability to feel joyful, creative and magnetic."
My passion is to help women breakthrough what is blocking them to what they desire most in life by equipping them with the tools to become the powerful creator they are born to be!
Fun Facts About Me...
  • Born and raised in California
  • Die hard sports fan but can't play golf to save my life
  • We travel the globe travel is our addiction
  • My super power harnessing feminine energy
  • I found freedom! I create the life I desire, and live my passion and purpose through teaching others how to do the same

Today, I educate and encourage others through sharing my story. 
After a lifetime of painful experiences with men, including divorce, infidelity, partners pornography addictions, sexual assault, trauma and more I swore to myself I would NEVER trust a man again.

So I became the typical independent woman. I had a successful career and the freedom to do as I pleased. But inside I experienced an emptiness. I desired to share my life with a partner. I desired to trust a man. But how could I create something I had never experienced before?

I met my soulmate, and shortly thereafter we got married. I thought all my trust issues had been solved. However, within one year of our marriage I found myself living in the mental hell of not trusting a man again. There I was checking his cell phone, his emails, trying to control the relationship. This lack of trust eventually led me into a deep depression, and ultimately I attempted suicide as a desperate cry for help.

That’s when I woke up and I realized that my "trust issues" had nothing to do with men…

I then began what led to 10-years of research. Through this life study I learned what trust between the masculine and feminine is really all about. When I discovered how to balance these energies in myself through the feminine power of transformation I finally experienced the true joy, confidence, and fulfillment I was searching for.

That to trust the love inside of me is the only way to be set free”

I once again became a powerful creator utilizing this feminine power of transformation to create what I desire in life.

Today I share my story and findings, supporting women in making their own connection within, therefore harnessing the feminine power of transformation to create the life they desire.
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