Become The Artist of Your Life.

"Art isn't always what it seems. .
The creation of the artist comes from their untethered soul; that of limitless freedom. 
Ladies, Are You Creating the Life You Desire?
Why it matters:
Too many women today are blocking themselves from what they desire most in life due to painful past experiences, limiting beliefs, and/or confining circumstances. Overcoming these barriers is the difference between a life of existence versus a life of growth, creation and contribution.

Why Transformation Is Possible:

Hello, my name is AJ Beaber; author, speaker, and founder of Ignite the Light. 
After years of living disempowered and disconnected from my deepest desires, I finally reached a breaking point and decided: no more excuses. Other people seemed to be living a life of abundance. Why not me? 

This one Desire began a ten year search for answers before I eventually struck gold:  The power of  accessing and harnessing the energy of DESIRE. Discovering these creative techniques has allowed me to create what I desire in life! 

- No more forcing things to happen. (Doesn't always work and contrary to the Feminine Flow)
- No more trying to get rid of limiting beliefs. (Therapy alone or changing one's state may not be enough)
- No more pushing. (Too much masculine energy may drain a woman, leaving her empty or unfullfilled)

The Feminine Power of Transformation is a whole different level of changing your life from the inside out:

- It's magnetic.
- It pulls you to what you desire.
- And it's connected to both a woman's mind AND her body.

I term this magnetic connection the "Light" and it is the same Light I had as an innocent child before all the painful life experiences: limitless and full of joy, creativity and passion. 

Now it is my PASSION to share these teachings with you!

You too can Ignite this powerful part of yourself, no matter what life challenges you've faced. Harness the Feminine Power of Transformation and Create the Life YOU DESIRE! 

I look forward to making a connection,
You want to have sex but your religion is against it
The #1 Question From Women:
What if I DESIRE a Passionate and Intimate Relationship but I Don't Trust Men?

What if you could have a relationship with 100% trust. You can! 
find out more...
5 MINUTE VIDEO REVEALS the truth about TRUST and FIDELITY in relationships
Are You Ready To Take Your Life To The Next Level?
I can help you, no matter what life challenges you've faced! Become the powerful creator you were born to be!
All I wanted was a faithful, passionate relationship but I didn't TRUST men. 

Limiting beliefs (shaped by painful life experiences) led me to believe that faithful, trusting relationships were some “fairy tale” dream. Yet deep inside I YEARNED for this. At times I wondered if I was deceiving myself. Would I ever really be able to TRUST a man after all the pain in my life? 
How do you create something you desire, when you've never experienced it before?
And in this question, I found the answer: Trust began within ME. I first had to learn how to trust myself, before I could trust another.

So I set out on a journey to discover what TRUST really meant. I found it extremely challenging to implement. Maybe you, like me, have made mistakes, experienced pain in relationships; betrayal, guilt or shame and you don’t know how to TRUST yourself. How to forgive yourself. Or wonder if it’s even possible?

I am a living testimony it is possible when you understand and embrace this connection within. For more information read on. If you are ready for your own TRANSFORMATION click: HERE 
I was blown away ...
"My experience working with AJ was life changing, to say the least! I received many hidden gifts within the coaching I hadn't expected but were huge catalysts in shifting my beliefs. From that space, my relationships have transformed! I am thrilled and grateful to have these tools with me for the rest of my life."
Amy V. / Ignite the Light Student
Woman Overcomes #metoo Trauma by Writing her Debut Novel:
Many women feel uncomfortable exploring their feminine essence the most intimate and powerful part of themselves. They are craving this connection within and don’t know where to turn for support. Counseling and coping mechanisms are certainly helpful, yet women are in need of more. 

The Journey of Lenea, “You & I, Inc.’s” main character, is about discovering and integrating the darker and repressed parts of herself to find true empowerment as a woman. I now share this message and facilitate this work to support and encourage women on their own path of self-discovery.
It’s time for a change.
Hello, my name is AJ Beaber. As an author, speaker and founder of Ignite the Light, I offer training courses and personal coaching to help women breakthrough any blocks to create the life they desire.  Learn more by reading my story here and browsing this site. I look forward to making a connection!
Getting past having an affair
Getting past having an affair
Book: You & I, Inc.
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You & I, Inc.
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As your desire is, so is your will. 
 As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” -The Upanishads
The words printed on the back of the business card sent a chill through Lenea’s body, causing her to question what it is she desires most in life: a partner. But how could this be her destiny when she doesn’t trust men? The answer awaits in an erotically mysterious dance studio, where a broken-hearted yet hopeful Lenea joins a group of like-minded women who are taught that any desire they have can be realized through dance lessons, an intriguing objective.

Things start to go awry when Lenea discovers the studio is haunted by a spirit of the past—when the building once served as a brothel in the late 1800’s. She grasps for a hold on reality as she seeks to understand the connection between the supernatural occurrences and her growing relationship with an incredibly hot, talented artist who seems to have caught the eye of more than just Lenea.
Ultimately the navigation through her rock-strewn journey leads to her own sexual awakening, and the truth about the one thing she believes matters most in a partnership: trust.
Readers Share...
As one of the best books of its kind that I have ever read

By David A. Barrett, III Format: Paperback
I found it to be enthralling, entertaining, and enlightening! This book looks to be in a new genre of novels that have both a life lesson and a spiritual teaching. For me, her book “You and I, Inc.,” is right up there with “The Alchemist,” as one of the best books of its kind that I have ever read!
 Magnificent! A must read with a true connection for both men and women alike…
By Michael Bender
“Magnificent! Everything you could want in a story and more. Romance, love, jealousy, anger, the paranormal and a brilliant finish. It’s like ‘Fight Club’ for women. It is a real page turner. Every time I got to the end of a chapter I had to start the next one. Already I have had to go back and reread, not realizing how much I missed. Bravo, AJ! We want more!!”
Couldn’t put it down!
By Amyon
"A novel on the connection between sexuality and spiritually? You bet I was intrigued! From the very first page, I was pulled in and literally couldn’t stop reading. I connected with author AJ Beaber’s story of a woman’s journey to self love, sexual connection and the spiritual world. The lessons are deep for those who are open…so many nuggets of truth that resonated in an AHA kind of way for myself. I highly recommend reading You & I, Inc!”
Fantastic book!
By Amazon Customer
"This is a really great book…from the moment I picked it up, I didn’t want to put it down. It really brings to light the significant connection between sexuality and spirituality and how our relationships with others/perceptions of the world around us are really colored by our feelings about ourselves. Can’t say enough good things about this book!! Love, love, love!! ❤
Intriguing Novel With Invaluable Life Lessons
By PJon
“I read the book because I was intrigued by the title and loved the story line! Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. It is a novel, but impossible not to be impacted by the invaluable and practical life lessons hidden throughout the story. It was worth way more than it cost and would gladly pay 10x the cost. I learned so much about myself and feel like I can trust again. I highly recommend reading this – you’ll be glad you did!”
Easy Read with Deep Truth
By Cat Paz
I loved the visuals my mind crafted of the characters and places as I read this book, and I will be long pondering the truth that is presented through fiction. I’m thinking this will be an excellent movie one day.
A book worth reading
By Sharon
“I really liked this book. It is a novel, but it has plenty of down-to-earth advice in the form of the storyline. It spoke to me, and I felt that I could be the character in this book. I was surprised by the turn of events and the ending. AJ Beaber’s writing style has clarity without being simplistic. I could “see” the characters and the setting. I could feel that I was in the story. Thanks, AJ Beaber for a lovely story.”

By Patrick F. Rooney
A provocative story with elements of suspense, romance, self-analysis, and paranormal spirituality, You & I, Inc. was one of the most interesting books I've ever read. The erotic scenes were spine-tingling - very well done. I loved the historical references to brothels in the book in what I think was probably Denver, although that town name wasn't explicitly mentioned for some reason. A unique story with interesting twists and turns, I think this debut author has a great future in writing. Very well done!
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