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AJ Beaber is a visionary author, speaker and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) mediator. For over a decade she has helped others to resolve conflict; both personally and in the workplace. She wrote the book, You & I, Inc. (over 10,000 copies sold), and offers several resources and services to help others build thriving and co-creative relationships. Find out more below.

"This book is enthralling, entertaining, and enlightening! Right up there with 'The Alchemist', as one of the best books of its kind!

- Pat Barret Lynch, CEO Women's Radio
About AJ
From my heart to yours: After struggling with interpersonal relationships for years, both personally and professionally, I wanted change. This journey of self-development, in combination with my background of over 15 years in conflict resolution, led to writing You & I, Inc.  Later, I took the concepts from the book and created programs and courses designed for women to take their own journey of self-discovery.

What is your deepest desire right now? Is something keeping you in conflict? Please know that whatever led you here, is not by accident. Writing You & I, Inc. changed my life, and I know, if you read it, it can change yours too. 

If you have questions about You & I, Inc. or any of the resources and/or services, or would simply like to connect  Click Here or reach out through social media.

"Every Day Dreams Come True!"
-AJ Beaber
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